Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

What is a Phase I?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities for a real estate holding or specific area. Contamination can result from activities that have occurred onsite, at a nearby location, or regionally. The assessment involves a review of all applicable governmental records, a site inspection, and interviews with relevant parties per standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Why Choose CS Consulting?

CS Consulting is a local Central Valley, small firm dedicated to high-quality, efficient, and personalized service. Our business model allows for speedy preparation of your Phase I report and seamless access to the report preparer.

Casey Smith, Principal at CS Consulting, has extensive experience preparing Phase Is of varying size and scope and more than 15 years experience researching, studying, and analyzing hazardous and hazardous materials for a variety of projects and documenting results in many types of environmental reports. Casey meets the federal standards for an Environmental Professional established by the U.S. EPA's Brownsfields Program required to conduct an All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) for environmental due diligence.

CS Consulting provides Phase I reporting and consulting services throughout the Central Valley with specific experience in Sacramento and Placer Counties. Please contact CS Consulting today for more information.

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