"CS Consulting's assistance was invaluable for us on a recent project. Casey provided us with detailed environmental analysis...within a tight timeframe. She was was adept at comprehending the complexity of the project...[s]he also leveraged her network of environmental professionals to provide us with additional technical expertise. She is highly responsive, very reliable, and a great problem solver. I'm looking forward to working with her much more in the future!" 
     ~ Douglas Brown, Principal, Douglas Environmental + Delta Counties Coalition Coordinator

"Casey is a dynamic...and responsive environmental planner. Working with her...was always a pleasure and guaranteed the best outcome for a project...I look forward to working with her again."
     ~ Laurie Warner-Herson, Principal, Phenix Environmental

"Casey is an excellent writer and project manager that understands the importance of maintaining product quality and meeting deadlines. She works closely with clients to develop solutions for a variety of project types, and has a great attitude as well."
     ~ Erich Fischer, Practice Leader--Biological Resources and Land Management, Environmental Science Associates

"Casey is a highly skilled CEQA analyst who is a valuable and reliable team member. Casey is an excellent project manager and she is insightful and resourceful. Her analytical skills, critical thinking and energy make her very enjoyable to work with."
     ~ Barry Scott, Senior Archeologist, AECOM

"Casey was just what we needed...flexible...and willing to work within a rapidly changing business environment. Our team really appreciated her communication style, ongoing clarification of outcomes, and attention to detail."
     ~ Mahlon Aldridge, Vice President, Ecology Action

"I remember Casey as a vivid and vital colleague who exhibited initiative, creativity, and a high level of competence. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. She assesses challenges quickly and insightfully. "
     ~ Larry Goral, Senior Technical Editor/Writer, ICF International

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